From Vision to Recognition: 4 Designers, 6 Awards

About the Client

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We were privileged to have partnered with 4 exceptional designers, capturing their interior design narratives through our lens and showcasing their award-winning design at the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Details for each designer are below:

  • Interiors by Popov is renowned for their signature approach, crafting spaces that seamlessly blend form, function, and substance.
  • Judith Wright Design, brings life-enhancing interiors to fruition, a perfect fusion of practicality and cutting-edge design.
  • Kiric Collaborative Design unites Kirsten Conner Interior Design and Richard Landon Design, offering tailored solutions and a symphony of residential elegance.

What we did

We had to take a very unique approach with each photoshoot as many were planned to be part of the same competition ahead of time. So in order to make each project unique and stand out on it's own, we specialized in capturing the media that directly spoke to the designers vision.

Our services covered pre to post-production, scouting, behind-the-scenes footage, reels, GIFS, and day and designer specific photography, all enhancing each of their project's narrative.

Project type

Interior Design




Seattle, Washington

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The Task

Designers entrusted us with a vital task: to turn their remarkable creations into award winning masterpieces, each with a potential of winning the awards as well being published in Portrait Magazine.

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The Process

Our journey unfolded through a meticulously planned and executed process. Through collaborative pre-production sessions, we delved into the intricacies of each project, aligning with each designer's visions and objectives which are listed below:

  • Interiors by Popov: To highlight how the functionality of their designs through cabinetry, Light panels, and smart glass.
  • Judith Wright Design: To showcase the unique and colorful history of the space and hardware installed.
  • Kiric Collaborative Design To emphasize the use of the floating island on a quartzite stone plinth, swiveling copper-finished barstools, and a new entry with shimmery wallpaper, and a console table that incorporates an antique piece from the owners' travels

We curated shot lists, tracked the sun, considered various lighting scenarios, defined the mood and style, and aligned with what Portrait Magazine looks for in their media.

The Outcome

From Judith Wright Design's perfect selection of hardware and color, to Kiric Collaborative Design's custom made cabinetry, to Interiors by Popov's vibrant allure, we were able to place each designer in the National Kitchen and Bath Awards with the following:

  • 1st Place Open Plan Kitchen - Kiric Design, Kirsten Conner Interior Design, & Richard Landon Designs
  • 1st Place Small Kitchen - Interiors by Popov
  • People's Choice Bath - Interiors by Popov
  • Honorary Best Detail - Judith Wright Design
  • People's Choice Kitchen - Interiors by Popov
  • 2nd Place Secondary Bath - Interiors by Popov

All Designers are now published in Portrait Magazine, with 2 projects being placed as Full Page Spreads!

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For a full List of awards and links to Portrait Magazine. Please follow the links below:

List of All Awards

PDF of Portrait Magazine Features

You can also find all the amazing designers we collaborated with below:

Interiors by Popov

Judith Wright Design

Kiric Collaborative Design

Kristen Conner Interior Design

Richard Landon Design

Loewen Windows

The compositions, exposures, contrast, colors are all great. I like the way you play with light and shadow too. It’s a very comprehensive set of photos, really tells the story of the whole project, and I specifically appreciate you taking the time to photograph the doors and windows closed AND open.

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