In the Details: A Collaborative Custom Home Project

About the Client

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AB Photo & Video had the privilege of collaborating with a group of exceptional clients on a unique custom home project. This project involved renowned names in the industry including:

  • James David Custom Homes
  • Hilary Brook Design
  • Hakwood
  • Loewen Windows
  • CSI - All Things Stone

Through our combined expertise, we highlighted the best of each client's brand, from luxury interiors to wood floors and stone supplies. Our collaboration not only expanded their market reach but also solidified their brand presence, demonstrating the transformative results of unified vision and partnership.

What we did

We precisely showcased each client's unique contribution to this distinctive home through photography, videography, timelapses, and GIFS.

Ranging from Hilary Brook Design's integrated interiors to the craftsmanship of James David Custom Homes, Hakwood's elegant flooring, Loewen Windows' functionality, and CSI - All Things Stone's diverse range of stone. With detailed planning, varied photography techniques, and styling finesse, we delivered superior visuals that elevated our clients as industry leaders.

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Coeur d'Alene

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The Task

There was an overarching narrative that each partner required which was to highlight the incredible detail and high-quality materials. This included capturing the space itself but also the details of the wood, tile, stone, metal, design, and the complex engineering that had been applied to making this custom home.

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The Process

Our journey began with an intensive pre-production phase.

This is where we meticulously review floor plans, study sun tracking applications, and immerse ourselves in the branding guidelines of each client. Clear communication played a pivotal role as we coordinated with multiple vendors and synchronized our efforts for a seamless photoshoot. With each space meticulously planned, we embarked on a 2.5-day photo shoot. Our team skillfully utilized a blend of both natural and artificial light to create a clean, luxurious, consistent, and dynamic atmosphere.

From the awe-inspiring sunrise shots filtering through the windows, to the captivating lighting at sunset, no detail went unnoticed.

The Outcome

The culmination of our efforts resulted in an impressive body of work that showcased the distinct contributions of each client. From the comprehensive interior and exterior shots that encapsulated the grandeur of the project to the details and vignettes that emphasized the quality from ceiling to foor.

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To see all of these projects in use, please check out and follow each of our partners below:

Hilary Brook Design

James David Custom Homes


Loewen Windows

CSI - All Things Stone

Loewen Windows

The compositions, exposures, contrast, colors are all great. I like the way you play with light and shadow too. It’s a very comprehensive set of photos, really tells the story of the whole project, and I specifically appreciate you taking the time to photograph the doors and windows closed AND open.

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