From Day to Night: The Power of Visual Storytelling

About the Client

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Interior by Popov, a renowned name in interior design, is committed to the unity of form, function, and substance. Their European-inspired methodology combines creative abilities with technical knowledge, setting them apart in the industry. Catering to modern families, empty-nesters, and high-income business professionals, they sought to visually convey their design ethos.

What we did

Starting our project with Interiors by Popov, we initially aimed for a day-to-night film. However, after several iterations within the pre-production process, it led us to create two separate videos: one to showcase how the homeowners can practically utilize the space and another to show the life of an evening gathering.

We covered pre to post-production, behind-the-scenes, design shots, and selected photography to enrich the story.

Project type

Interior Design Film




Bellevue, Washington

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The Task

Interiors by Popov's task was straightforward: they aimed to showcase how their design expertise could enhance their clients' lives and well-being. To accomplish this, our collaboration had three specific goals:

First, to establish a striking focal point within the upper floor's panoramic view; second, to emphasize the stylish and functional furniture and accessories; and third, to spotlight the upgraded storage and walk-in pantry in the kitchen.

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The Process

Our journey started more than a year before the final design materialized. We started with on-site visits during construction, furniture installation, site scouting, early storyboarding, music selection, and composition setups. These initial steps laid a strong foundation for our creative process. As a result, our photos and videos authentically captured the essence of Interiors by Popov's designs, bringing the project to life.

The Outcome

The culmination of our collaboration resulted in a visual narrative that showcased Interior by Popov's design prowess. The films, both daytime and evening, provided a variety of captivating perspectives, revealing the dynamic transformation of their design.

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Our partnership with Interior by Popov has not only elevated their brand but also redefined the way they connect with their audience, leaving an indelible mark on the world of interior design.

To watch both the evening and morning films, search for them at Interiors by Popov's website or our own video section linked below:

Interior by Popov's Portfolio Page

AB Photo & Video's Video Portfolio Page

Loewen Windows

The compositions, exposures, contrast, colors are all great. I like the way you play with light and shadow too. It’s a very comprehensive set of photos, really tells the story of the whole project, and I specifically appreciate you taking the time to photograph the doors and windows closed AND open.

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