A Nuanced Approach: A Luxury Interior Design Showroom

About the Client

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Nuance Interior Design Showroom, led by the Principal Designer and CEO Sarah Walker, is a masterclass in luxury interior design. Their expertise caters to an elite clientele, including busy executives and accomplished professionals.

Renowned for seamlessly blending design with construction, Nuance Interiors brings a global perspective to each project, while their commitment to sustainability adds a distinctive touch.

What we did

Our collaboration with Nuance Interior Design is a dream come true. Entrusted with capturing the entire showroom, we meticulously planned for every use-case. We worked to create many different styles of media including:

  • Full showroom photography to fill out Nuance's website
  • Full showroom video tour to showcase the vast selection of materials and supplies.
  • A cinematic spot to attract attention of leads.
  • Social Media posts for content marketing
  • Headshot photos to update recent portfolio and magazine features.
  • Hunter Douglas partnership videos guiding their clients through their purchasing process.

This endeavor wasn't just about visuals; it was about creating the media that best speaks to their target audience.

Project type

Interior Design Showroom




Bellevue, Washington

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The Task

Our task was to capture the entire showroom while highlighting each section as its own distinct design. Despite the vast scope, we devised a strategy to showcase the wide array of materials, cabinetry, and shades, ensuring the visuals were suitable for publications, awards, and short-form content.

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The Process

We carefully analyzed Nuance Interior Design's floor plans and brand nuances, orchestrating a 3-day shoot to highlight the showroom's every detail. Balancing natural and artificial light, we created a sophisticated yet informative atmosphere. Despite unexpected challenges, such as collapsing tables (a funny story for another day), shifting light conditions, and expanded scope, our teams navigated with professionalism and agility.

The Outcome

Every piece we delivered underscored Nuance Interiors' dedication to luxury and thoughtful design. Under Sarah's leadership, both she and our photos were spotlighted in Luxe Magazine, where Sarah was honored as an "Influential Women of Design"!

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Being a partner with Nuance Interior Design Showroom is an incredible experience. The ability to be creative, open, and flexible is certainly rare and we look forward to working with Sarah and the rest of the Nuance Interior Design team for years to come!

To check-out Nuance Interior Design's showroom and portfolio, follow the link below:

Nuance Interior Design Showroom Portfolio

Loewen Windows

The compositions, exposures, contrast, colors are all great. I like the way you play with light and shadow too. It’s a very comprehensive set of photos, really tells the story of the whole project, and I specifically appreciate you taking the time to photograph the doors and windows closed AND open.

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